Welcome to the Zen Buddhist Center Schwarzwald

The Zen Buddhist Center Schwarzwald (ZBZS) is a Lay and Monastic Practice Center under the guidance of Zentatsu Baker Roshi. 

Zen is the craft of investigating our experience of body, mind, and the world. Zen is an intentional vision, rooted in compassion, for all sentience. 

The main practice of Zen is seated-stillness-meditation (Zazen) and the cultivation and evolution of mindfulness. Our scheduled practice at ZBZS begins and ends each day with meditation.

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Typical Daily Schedule

  • 04:30
  • 05:00
    Zazen (sitting meditation)
  • 05:40
    Kinhin (walking meditation)
  • 05:50
  • 06:30
    Dharma Chanting
  • 07:10
    Dharma Study
  • 08:30
    Oryoki Breakfast
  • 09:45
    Work Period
  • 12:30
  • 15:00
    Work Period
  • 16:30
    End of Work Period
  • 20:00
  • 21:00

Upcoming Events

Online Courses

We are now offering new courses online, both live and, soon to come, also for e-learning. At this point, our new courses are being developed, but you can visit our site already.

Practicing at ZBZS

You can live and practice with us for long or short periods of time. Join our daily practice and visit us in the Black Forest.

Getting to know us

On our page „Get to know us“ you will find selected video and audio talks, as well as a few texts for your personal perusal. If you would like to get a feeling for the teachings in the Dharma Sangha, check out this site.

Ways to stay at ZBZS

Zen Center Residency

Is for anyone wanting to deepen their practice for at least half a year at ZBZS.


Student Stay

From January through the end of August it is possible to visit ZBZS and take part in our daily practice for a shorter period of time.

Further information coming soon!

Sangha Helpers

During seminars and times that we are open for guests there is also the possibility doing a work-trade with ZBZS. Sangha helpers follow a daily practice schedule adapted to provide needed support for ongoing seminars.

Further information coming soon!

Refuge and Vacation Retreats

Whether for a personal retreat, time in nature, or simply for vacation, we offer a place for you to stay and to be taken care of from January through the end of August. We’re excited for your visit!


Membership Support

ZBZS Membership is a way to participate in the continued financial existence and development and evolution of ZBZS as a Lay and Monastic Practice Center. Predictive regular donations are an essential part of our financial stability.
Especially in the midst of this Corona pandemic it is not possible for us to cover the costs of running a Lay and Monastic Practice Center without support. We are grateful for every donation!

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Current Projects

EcoDharma Now!

Global warming, species extinction, and social as well as political challenges: we must, as a Buddhist Sangha and institution, find a way to answer these wake-up calls of the earth. Let us gather the energy of our Sangha, let us find out together what we can do as an institution and how we can connect with other organizations - our modern times call for larger collectives than what yet exists.

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For a sustainable future: bathrooms!

Our donation-based project this year is the renewal of bathrooms in Johanneshof and in Hotzenhaus. Many of our bathrooms need renovations; additionally, more toilets and showers are needed to host our growing numbers of guests. We would like to build shared bathrooms as well as single bathrooms in a number of guest and long-term resident rooms. Please help us to develop ZBZS to keep up with the times!

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Opening of the Zen-lab in Leipzig

Explorative Zen practice in the middle of Leipzig’s student neighborhood

On November 9 in 2019, Zentatsu Baker Roshi und Tatsudo Nicole Baden Sensei opened a new mediation center for a group of young, dynamic people practicing Zen in Leipzig.  

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EcoDharma Now!

On the fifth and last day of the 5-day sesshin in the practice period, Baker Roshi spoke during early morning zazen about his view of the greatest challenge of our time: the extinction of species, the ecological crisis and the failure of established systems. In this article you will find a transcript of Baker Roshi's address and a call to our sangha to take action, explore our possibilities and act consistently.


Genrin-Ji – Learning to be a tree

February 27, 2020

The ZBZS presents itself with its Japanese temple name, because we are more than a centre, we are a temple, we are a deep forest: Genrin-Ji

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