Embodied Life Mentorship - Public Retreat

Mit Russell Delman.


Imagine a group of people committed to a path of integral awareness, consciousness evolution and self-transformation working individually and collectively for three years. Further, imagine that all participants will grow their capacity for: resting deeply in the present moment with self-observation, a rich bodily sense, intimacy with their feelings, deep listening, and skills to communicate respectfully and authentically. My great interest comes from the following intuition: at this moment in history, consciousness is 'asking' human beings to ripen individually as 'whole beings' (bodily, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and in relationship), while moving toward both individual and collective transformation. After years of observing individuals and communities develop strongly in one or two of these realms yet ignore the others, I am fascinated by the experiment of simultaneously developing these capacities as a community of learners. Said another way, we are being asked to move from fear to love as the dominant operating principle. If you are interested in exploring this further, please visit www.russelldelman.com for more information. The course is taught in English.


from 3 p.m.


after lunch about 1 p.m. Please note: Here you can only book your accomodation. The teaching fee is paid directly to the Embodied Life School, please sign up here! Contact: office@russelldelman.com


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Russell Delman

Russell Delman praktiziert seit 1970 Zen in der Lehrlinie von Suzuki Roshi. Er ist von Moshe Feldenkrais persönlich ausgebildet worden und ist seit 30 Jahren autorisierter Lehrer der Feldenkrais Methode. Seit 15 Jahren entwickelt er die integrale Methode, die er „The Embodied Life“ nennt.

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